Ambulance Service

The Hubbard Ambulance Department is a group of trained volunteers dedicated to providing emergency medical services to Hubbard and surrounding rural community. We provide medical transport to various regional hospitals, are dispatched to medical emergencies, and work with the Hubbard Fire Department.

Our volunteer EMS agency is made up of dedicated members of the community who provide emergency care. These men and women give their time and talents in team effort to help their community, while retaining various certification levels through continuous education and training


Front Row: Denise Martin, Logan Mowrer. Back Row: Hayden Boeke, Stan Kulow, Larry Kneisel, Cory Duns. Not pictured: Clint Miller, John Ziebell, Tim Lindaman, Isaac Imsland, Rex Crosser.

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Volunteers give Hubbard the ability to keep our ambulance service local. You must be at least 18 years old and dependable, pass a background check, and be in general good health. You must also be willing to take and EMT certification course when available and maintain certification once obtained.

For more information email [email protected].


President – Denise Martin

Vice President – Clint Miller

Secretary/Treasurer – Hayden Boeke

Head of Drivers – Cory Duns

What’s new?

The City of Hubbard recently approved the purchase of 2023 F-450 Demers Ambulance. Our current ambulance is 21 years old, while it has been dependable, it is no longer up to code or meeting the ever changing medical equipment. Our ambulance services are dispatched to over 100 calls a year, this upgrade will allow our volunteers to better serve our community.