Swimming Pool

Hubbard Swimming Pool Project

The Hubbard Swimming Pool Committee needs your help now more than ever! The City council has decided that, due to its unsafety, poor functionality, non-ADA compliance, and costly upkeep, the current pool can NO LONGER OPEN.

Current Condition

•Slabs on pool floor show signs of deterioration
•Several areas with hollow sounds in floor and walls, indicates degradation of the structure.
•Most walls in poor condition, showing internal deterioration of concrete structure.
•Original recirculation inlets are plugged. Only recirculation inlets are located in shallow end of pool.
•Current ramp does not meet ADA requirements.
•Pool deck has many offsets at joints. Does not meet ADA requirements. •Overhead lighting is insufficient to allow for night swimming.
•In pool lights are non operational and painted over.
•Filter and pump structure is out dated, corroded and leak. The heating system is inadequate for today’s standards.
•Pool mechanical building is showing signs of rot and deterioration. •Bath house is not ADA compliant.

Benefits of a Community Pool

•Improved community bonds. Allows people to bond in a fun environment. •Adds to communities recreational and property values.

•Encourage fitness for the whole family.

•Increases access to fitness through various exercise classes.

•Increases public safety through swimming lessons.

•Creates jobs.

•Provides an economic impact to the local community/area.

New Pool Concept

The Hubbard Swimming Pool Committee has been working hard to raise funds for new pool construction, which has been matched by great community support.

Fundraising currently is at $780,500. The goal for donations through fundraising is $1,000,000.00. The Pool Committee continues to hold fund raising events and donations are still being accepted. The Pool Committee has received and continues to apply for various grants through the private sector, foundations, and government grants. The City is the process of obtaining government bonds. The goal is to have the least amount of bond which will limit the impact on local property tax.